Edge Program

The Edge

Student Athlete Success Program (SASP)

The EDGE Program for student athletes was created to help students prepare for life and school at the next level, just like they do for each game. The EDGE Coaches have developed a program to encourage every student athlete to succeed. There are four parts to the EDGE program: Education, Daily routine, Game plan, and Execution. 

Education- Each athlete is a student first and we are here to help them with their academic goals. There are athlete specific workshops as well as the regularly scheduled FREE workshops for help with study tips, test taking, note taking and more. Being located in the Tutor and Learning Center (Building 700) allows the students to take advantage of the FREE tutors available on site. The EDGE Coordinators are also available to help each student ensure they are remaining academically eligible and on track for graduation.

Daily Routine- With classes, homework, studying, work, eating and a general need for sleep, the daily demand on a typical student is already high. As athletes, each student will need to add practices, workouts, and games to the list, making the demand on their day that much higher. That’s why we help students develop schedules and routines that will help them understand how much time they need to plan for studying, how long a paper really will take to prepare, and how they should plan out their days, weeks, and months for success. After all, a failure to plan is a plan for failure.

Game Plan- Every student that walks on to our campus has a goal in mind. Whether it’s to pass their class or become the next star of their field, we want to help them reach that goal. The EDGE Coordinators are available to assist student athletes with planning their future goals and the paths available to reach them. With help from Athletic Counselor Jason Kelly, their academic classes can be planned out to make sure they are working toward their degree. Then EDGE coordinators can help them understand where their path can take them and the ways to get there.

Execution- Once we apply the first 3 parts of our EDGE motto, execution comes into play. We want to ensure that our athletes are as successful as they can be with the resources offered and, with that in mind, the EDGE Coordinators are available to the students in either walk-in or scheduled appointments. The students’ time in the EDGE Center is much more than a study hall; it’s an opportunity to learn skills, find new resources, and work towards their goals. After our student athletes have gained information, formed a routine, and mapped out a game plan, then it’s time for them to execute and perform to reach the goals and objectives they’ve set for themselves.

The plan is to use the EDGE motto not only to better us as students, but to also help mold us into responsible adults because we will likely face far more stressful scenarios after graduation. As Coordinators, we plan on working with the students every step of the way to let them know they have another family here that also cares about their wellbeing.


Edge Program Coordinator: Cody Ramage 

Email: cramage@shastacollege.edu 

Phone: 530-242-2212


The EDGE Manual 2019